Academic Mobility

Academic Mobility for teaching staff, researchers and technical-administrative staff


The AAI regularly publishes various Calls for Scholarship Opportunities for Study or Research Abroad under the various International Academic Cooperation Agreements in force between the UFBA and its national and international partner Universities and Institutions. Interested parties should monitor the listings on our Editais (Notice) page.


For academic activities abroad outside the scope of the various International Academic Cooperation Agreements in force, the AAI recommends consultation of the institutional pages of the Pró-Reitoria de Ensino de Pós-Graduação (Dean of Post-Graduation Education) and the Pró-Reiroria de Pesquisa Criação e Inovação (Dean of Research, Development and Innovation of the Federal University of Bahia, as well as the institutional pages of CAPES, CNPq and FAPESB.


Are you are an UFBA academic or researcher and wish to create or strengthen ties of academic cooperation with foreign Universities or Institutions (International Academic Cooperation Agreement or Addendum to the International Academic Cooperation Agreement)?


The AAI recommends the prior approval of the respective initiative by the Unit of origin, and subsequent submission to the AAI. For more information, see our Cooperation Agreements page.