The International Affairs Office - SRI of the Federal University of Bahia operates in the structuring, expansion and consolidation of agreements, partnerships and international cooperation in teaching, research and extension at undergraduate, postgraduate and technical levels.

SRI's mission is to prospect, induce, articulate and develop different modalities of internationalization that strengthen the principles of promoting scientific quality, social equality and diversity, including technical and academic exchange, establishment of research networks, bilingual academic activities and cooperation in teaching and research with foreign institutions.

Objectives of UFBA's International Affairs Office

- Induce and promote student, teaching and technical internationalization with foreign institutions, through exchanges, courses, events, scholarships and internships (paid or unpaid);

- Enable, in partnership with other sectors of the university, the implementation of bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements with foreign institutions;

- Prospect, implement and monitor international inter-university agreements, agreements and programs;

- Manage academic exchange programs between UFBA and universities abroad;

- Publicize and articulate international academic opportunities within UFBA's internal and external community;

- Carry out missions in foreign higher education institutions;

- Receive missions from institutions abroad when visiting UFBA.