Characterized by varying degrees of international relations through the establishment of strong and fruitful alliances with similar institutions, institutes and research centers, the Federal University of Bahia views international cooperation as an important element for expanding and better fulfilling its contemporary social function.


The International Office understands that among the multiple aspects of international interaction developed by the UFBA, two characterize the concept of cooperation. The first aspect is when the external institution has a more substantial academic and research tradition, and can contribute to the development of the unit with which it interacts at our university. The second is the contribution that the UFBA can make towards inducing training and research at institutions that require partnerships to develop their capacities and skills. These two aspects are, however, not exclusive.


Through its International Office, the UFBA also facilitates access to opportunities for academic mobility of its community at foreign Education and Research Institutions, with which it has International Academic Cooperation Agreements. To this purpose, the AAI prospects and promotes cooperation agreements which aim to formalize exchange of students, faculty and technical and administrative staff, and which foster the development of other activities of a scientific and technical nature, in accordance with the laws governing each of the accredited institutions.


Objectives of the UFBA International Office


- Induce and promote internationalization for students, faculty and technical staff with foreign institutions through exchanges, courses, events, scholarships, internships (paid or unpaid);

- Facilitate, in partnership with other sectors of the University, the implementation of bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements with foreign institutions;

- Prospect, implement and monitor agreements, covenants and international inter-university programs;

- Manage incoming and outgoing academic exchange between the UFBA and overseas universities;

- Disseminate international academic opportunities along the internal and external community of the UFBA;

- Undertake missions to foreign institutions of higher education and research;

- Receive missions of foreign institutions visiting the UFBA.