My UFBA Friend Program

What does the UFBA Friend do?


Assist foreign students with the following:

- the best location for accommodation. (The UFBA Friend knows the city, the best places to live, considering the location/environment/security and other useful information);

- airport to accommodation travel. (It is very important that the UFBA Friends meet and greet, if possible, the exchange students on arrival at the airport, guiding them to their chosen place of accommodation. If meeting at the airport is not possible, the UFBA Friend should provide instructions for the exchange student on how to travel to the desired location;

- orientation for how to get to the UFBA. (Routes to the UFBA campuses are described in the Student Mobility Guide (link para o guia curto bem vindo à UFBA em português e em inglês pdf (8) (9) elaborado pela AAI/UFBA)

- orientation within the city;

- cultural integration in the city. (It is also recommended that the UFBA Friend helps the exchange student with routine issues - such as using public transport, banks, post offices, supermarkets - and with integration or cultural activities, such as discovering tourist attractions, festivals, cultural centers, etc.)